At Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, storytelling is in our DNA and we are always looking to advance this art form. We have developed the Living Worlds program to catalyze and support the transmedia community and continue to push the limits of immersive storytelling.

The Living Worlds program is broken into a few rounds. The first round consists of a high-level proposal application. From this pool of participants, a subset will be invited to continue to a second round where they will be engaged to further develop their concepts and submit a more detailed and developed proposal. From this second round of proposals, Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development will select one or more teams to collaborate with to create and build the proposed experiences.

Program Timeline

The Living Worlds program has finished reviewing proposals from the first round of submissions. The second round of the program will take place through spring 2013.

Design Requirements

To submit an application for the Living Worlds program, you must first agree to the program Terms and Conditions and complete the registration steps on this site. Next you will be asked to provide a proposal that must meet the following design requirements:


  • The experience must have a narrative arc that tells a complete story
  • The story must be original in nature and may not use any existing intellectual property


  • The experience must take place simultaneously in a physical space and one of the following:
    • Interactive Website
    • Mobile (smartphone, tablet device, etc.)
    • Another physical location
  • Other media formats and platforms are encouraged as well. Use your imagination!


  • The experience could take place anywhere!


  • Must run for a minimum of two weeks


  • Must be appropriate for all ages
  • Must be accessible for groups and individuals
  • Must be able to accommodate at least 50 people/day

The following are Design Preferences, but are not required:

  • Participatory experience where participants can affect, influence and change the story
  • Persistent experience that evolves over time
  • Shouldn’t cost more than the GDP of any single nation to mount.