What are the design requirements my proposal should meet?

  • You may review all design requirements for the Living Worlds application here.

What are you looking for in applicants?

  • We are looking for talented designers who are eager to innovate the art of transmedia storytelling. We prefer to work with designers who have a unique perspective to bring to their stories and experiences.

Who owns the idea if I submit a proposal?

  • You will own your idea. However, your application will be shared within Disney and possibly with other applicants so be careful not to put anything in it that you wish to keep confidential. Our goal is truly to stimulate and grow the community and meet new designers, so if we like a proposal, we probably want to work with you! However we want you to be protected as well. Please be sure to read over the Submission Rules and Terms and Conditions carefully.

What is the timeline for the Living Worlds program?

  • The first round of applications closed on December 1, 2012. Selected applicants will continue on to the second round of the program through spring 2013.

Do you provide resources for selected proposals?

  • We will work to set up an Agreement with you to further develop the work in your proposal for WDI R&D as well as provide any necessary design guidance, but we will not provide any production resources to develop the proposals.

Are international designers eligible to apply?

  • Yes.

Are students eligible to apply?

  • Yes, individuals over 18 may apply. However, participants in any past or current Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition are not able to participate in the program using any information submitted in the Imaginations competition.

Are first time designers eligible to apply?

  • Absolutely! No matter your experience level, if you are an innovative storyteller, we’d love to work with you. Please be sure to provide references to any other work you have done so we get a sense of your skill sets and experience.